Removing duplicates from a list using Libreoffice

In this example, I will condense a list of paired-down postcodes into a short list by removing all the duplicate entries.

First, paste your list into LibreOffice

Then, go to Data > More Filters > Standard Filter

TIP: you may need to select the column or data range before applying the filter.

Set up the filter as follows:

Field name: none

Condition: =

Value: Not Empty

Click the options expander and choose

No duplicates and copy results to (choose a convenient empty cell).

Click okay. You should now see a the list condensed, with all duplicates removed.

7 thoughts on “Removing duplicates from a list using Libreoffice

  1. Really stupid answer.
    I have a list of records in a sheet and I have rows with duplicate values. This approach won’t work here.

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