What do vegans eat? Vol 10 – #leftoverfest!

#Leftoverfest is the best!

You save up leftovers from a few days food, mix with some reduced food from the supermarket, and have a feast!

lots of leftovers make a feast!

We had…

From top left in rows to right (roughly)

  • Couldron organic marinated tofu pieces (like this)
  • Reduced chili stirfry and fresh noodles (cost about 40p in total)
  • 6p baguettes, heated under the grill to “take the stale off”
  • 6p reduced iced buns
  • Candles in empty bottles – high on ambience, low on nutritional value (don’t eat these!)
  • leftover “hob casserole” – tomato, aubergine, courgette, beans… etc. Cooked on the hob (oven is broken)
  • Mixed grains and pulses, leftover from Monday’s hob casserole thing
  • Leftover mixed leaf salad from lunch, with radishes, organic cucumber, tomato and basil
  • Leftover kidneybean “past-o” (pasta and vegan pesto)
  • Hummus
  • Gerkins (nomnom)
  • and a beer each!

… and it was good!


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